Questions about the Purchasing Group "NGO NPO Austria"

The purchasing group is a loose alliance of NGOs, NPOs, non-profit organizations and others, initiated by Joachim Schreiber as a cooperation with the procurement-expert “HandOver” Beschaffungs-Dienstleistungs GmbH. “HandOver” itself is a purchasing-platform grown out of the church-associated nursing and hospice area (e.g. Caritas) which is a joint enterprise of the diocese of Linz and “Hogast” 50 % each. The parent company “Hogast”, existing since the 70’s was founded as purchasing cooperative of the hotel and gastronomy sector, as the name suggests. Because of the nearly 1 billion Euro total business-volume of the group (910 million in 2012) as well as the existing and matured logistics, the big benefit of this cooperation is not only the vast product-portfolio but also the unbeatable prices.

Just mail to:info@einkaufsgruppe.com

! Wait for the answer with the admission-documents, complete the form, scan it and mail it back as .pdf-file or send it per post – done!

Depending on the listed (freely selectable) providers, but in general the most common ones: Austrian eco-label, Fairtrade, Bio, EZA, FSC, MSC, green power, CO²-neutral printing products as well as those with vegetables dyes…soon repair services etc…Suggestions are always welcome as we are working on the ecologization of our portfolio continuously!

Briefly – nearly everything: postal fees, electricity, gas, telephony, printing-paper and office supplies, office equipment such as notebooks & computers, mobile tariffs, medical and healthcare supplies, all kinds of food & beverages (of course also organic!), tableware and kitchen equipment/tools, printers, monitors and fax machines, cleaning services and facility-management in general (plumbing electricians, garden- and snow-services etc.), IT- and data processing services for remote servers and networks support, newspaper ads, fuel cards, leasing and purchase of vehicles, insurances… If anything is missing and you ask for it – u can bet we have it!

No. Of course there is something called the “best price guarantee”. Everything you can get cheaper anywhere else can of course be bought there – but tell us about it! We are glad about such suggestions because maybe we can arrange these conditions with that distributor (if it is not individual “sponsoring”) for the entire procurement group. But first, try to get something cheaper anywhere else! ☺

Each procurement transaction such as the tender of a certain big purchase can be outsourced to HandOver: Based on your functional-specifications-document you will obtain a set of optional offers, free of charge. Internal handling-time are saved this way as well as with the “contract service” we provide: You can fax all your current mobile phone-, gas-, electricity-, leasing- or all other contracts to your personal support advisor. They will keep cancelation periods and exit opportunities in view for you for switching to a cheaper and more current offer or will contact and ask you whether offers are supposed to be obtained on your behalf Highest actuality with maximum cost efficiency at absolutely no time and effort is guaranteed this way! Besides, invoices for certain goods can be assigned to your usual or desired cost centers or certain accounts, if you wish so.

Well, that is very individual. First it depends on how much you are into the topic “procurement” respectively “operative vs. strategic pprocurement” so far. On the other hand you have to ask yourself whether all current cost factors can be addressed quickly: Do you actually search for a new mobile tariff which can already be purchased over the group cheaper right away or is your contract binding you for another year? Do you even know what you currently are spending on printing-paper, on the leasing of printers, postage or cleaning services? Generally spoken: Large sums can and will certainly be saved, but you have to consider the individual case. Up to 63 % have been saved in printing-paper cost and 65% in fairtrade, organic coffee. The bigger the group gets, the better additional conditions can be arranged and are constantly negotiated with suppliers…. Briefly – You can expect best prices in the future.

The association with the procurement group in form of a written agreement with “HandOver” is intended to be a long-turn commitment and is therefore intended for indefinite time. Anyway, the membership can be dismissed by both sides without stating any reasons with a cancelation period of three months to the 30th April each year (end of HandOver’s business year). Both sides have the right to termination of immediate effect in the following cases:

  • Wilful infringement against the terms and conditions,
  • unethical practice of a member which damages the group’s or HandOver’s reputation,
  • if a judicial insolvency application was filed,
  • in case of extrajudicial insolvency proceeding or
  • in case the member does not meet its payments in due time
  • Unwillingness to sign the membership agreement

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